About Alex

Hi, I'm Alex. I'm French and live in Manchester, UK.

I have been here for 20 years and very much identify as a Mancunian these days, which amuses a lot of people.

I currently own two technology companies: Openshadow, which is a mobile-first software agency with an R&D twist, and my “hobbyist” Art of Beyond, which is focused on developing new technologies in artificial intelligence.

I also created AxWood Cosmetics, which is geared towards "bro" beard and shaving products, soaps and unisex fragrances.

Most people know me chiefly as a Software Engineer only. This site is dedicated to my other hats:

  • I cook, I draw, I play the classic and acoustic guitars. I was an aspiring filmmaker on 8mm a long time ago. I think I qualify for the "creative" badge.
  • I have an interest in professional perfume-making, using both aromachemicals and essential oils.
  • I am interested in the chemistry of soap and cosmetics in general.
  • I once had a music show on French radio, and it looks like you may soon hear me on one of Manchester's radio stations soon.
  • I recently started taking golfing lessons and I'm not very good at it. Yet.
  • After 10 years of my partner trying to get me into Ice Hockey, I support the San Jose Sharks which I saw play at my first real NHL game... in San Jose.
  • I was in the scouts.
  • I don't have a favourite colour. But I have favourite combinations of colours: red & black or blue & yellow.

This site is going to grow organically. I'm purposely starting it this way without sense or reason and it will hopefully grow organically and take a life of its own.

Thanks for visiting!

Professional Footnote

If you're still reading my professional profile essentially boils down to the following:

  • I am fluent in geek, marketer, designer, trainer, salesperson, and difficult client. Understanding means fewer mistakes, and mistakes cost a fortune.
  • I push hardware to its limits. I was 10 when I started programming. I hand-coded assembly on Amstrad CPC. I rendered things in 3D before 3D acceleration. 
  • I was one of the very last developers on Silicon Graphics and I was one of the very first iOS developers.
  • I have big ideas and I take action.
  • I'm the calm one.
  • I run towards fires.