Tips #1

Here are 10 of my very own cooking tips and tricks I have discovered and used over the years, for everyone to use! 

Use your cooking superpowers for good! 

1  Use bicarbonate of soda to make your tomato sauce less acidic

I always use a pinch (and a small pinch) of bicarbonate of soda to reduce the acidity of tomato sauce when making it from scratch. 

Add a pinch of sugar and salt to balance it too, and you'll have an amazing tomato sauce.  

2. How to make your carrots more carrotey? Add a bit of orange oil.

When I cook carrots I always add a couple of drops of orange oil - or a tiny amount of orange juice and a small pinch of sugar and a bit of real butter. This helps enhance the carrots. 

This also works wonders in carrot cake. 

3. Use sesame oil to enhance your green beans

In terms of taste you will find that fresh green beans and sesame oil have something in common... Add a couple of drops of sesame oil (a little goes a long way here!) to make your green beans even more green bean-y. 

4. Use panko bread crumbs instead of regular bread crumbs and  bake  your breaded fish

Panko breadcrumbs are made from the white of the bread and are larger - they keep their texture, and by baking you do not soak them in oil which is healthier. See my coconut shrimp recipe for an idea of the process.

Essentially, dust your fish (or vegetables!) in some flour to dry them, then egg and seasoned panko breadcrumbs. And bake. They will come out wonderful. 

5. Add sage to your chocolate desserts

No, really. This works. Add a small amount of ground sage and vanilla extract to your milk chocolate before using it enhances the taste of chocolate.  Try it in your chocolate muffins next time!

6. Add black pepper and elderflower cordial to strawberries

Black pepper is already known but elderflower less so.  

7. Add lemon juice to a recipe that is too sweet

That counteracts the sweetness effectiveness. If you want to counteract too much lemon... 

8. Add a drop of tomato ketchup and a very small pinch of bicarbonate of soda to reduce too much lemon in a recipe

There's a scientific basis for this. Obviously bicarb reduces the acidity and the tomato ketchup hides what's left of the citrus taste as it has the appropriate balance of sugar and lycopene. 

9. Add salt to mushrooms if you don't want them to burn or brown when cooking them

Add a small amount of salt and they will release more water and will not brown. This is actually useful if you need the texture to stay as it is like when making Chinese stirfries. This also works to some extend with green vegetables. 

10. Use onion powder with beef or green leafy vegetables

It's a natural accompaniment for ground beef or steak - but also works wonders with cabbage. Again a small amount goes a long way. 


Let me know your own tips in the comments below!